April are a five member girl group that debuted under DSP Media in 2015. The members are: Chaewoon, Hyunjoo, Naeun, Yena and Jinsol. Former member Somin debuted with the group, but left a few months after in order to focus on her studies.

Chaewoon and Somin were actually finalists in the 2014 competition reality programme ‘Kara Project’. Of course, they lost out on the final position of new Kara member to Heo Youngji. Somin finished in second place and Chaewoon in fourth.

Early last year, DSP Media announced that they would be debuting a girl group that would be the next generation of Fin.K.L and Kara. However, it wasn’t until the following July that photos of each member were gradually released.

So far, the group have released one EP entitled ‘Dreaming’ as well as a two very short special albums entitled ‘Boing Boing’ and ‘Snowman’. They have three MVs so far.

The girls have also made quite a few television appearances even despite the short time since their debut. They have had two of their own shows – ‘APRIL’s on AIR PRIL’ and ‘Here Goes April’, they have featured as regular guests on the show ‘Baek Jong Won’s 3 Top Chefs’ and have also appeared on an episode of ‘Weekly Idol’. Somin featured in Epik High’s MV for ‘Born Hater’ and Naeun appeared in GOT7’s ‘Stop Stop It’ MV.

Interestingly, the group’s logo and mascot were chosen through open design competitions. Their mascot is a potato-type figure with a heart-shaped smiley face (I am not making this up, I promise!) Their fan club is called ‘Fineapple’.

April’s main concept is very girly, sweet and innocent. It is clear that they have taken influence from previous K-Pop girl groups like Fin.KL (as originally intended) and S.E.S. These first generation girl groups had a ‘fairy’ type concept and it seems that this style is enjoying a kind of resurgence on the K-Pop scene lately. April sport natural hair colours and feminine, conservative outfits that often involve white colours – synonymous with innocence and purity.

The girls won the award for ‘Female Rookie of the Year’ at the Korean Entertainment Art Awards 2016 and it seems that they have enjoyed quite a lot of success so far.

Here are some videos to help you get to know them better:

‘Dream Candy’ MV

Muah! MV

‘Snowman’ MV

Weekly Idol w/ April [Eng Subs]

April’s Mascot Teaser Video


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