For this week’s SOTW, we’re looking at Sam Kim who was a runner up for the third season of K-pop Star and landed a contract by Yoo Hee-yeol Antenna Music record label. To add to the trivia of knowledge, he’s a Korean-American artist which adds to the number of K-pop celebrities who are fluent in English – always a bonus with international fans!


It’s a very chilled, laid-back song – at least that’s the vibe that we get. The general concept of the song appears to be about miscommunication and the strain it can have on a relationship. Sam croons over his frustration of his partner not saying if she’s mad or upset, which does work in both ways. Yet, despite this, he still remains smitten and is determined to work on the relationship. In the lyrics, he highlights an important point which states: “Maybe it’s because things get taken for granted”. And that’s true in life, there’s plenty that we often forget about. Relationships can easily become complicated when there’s a blatant lack of communication. But then, towards the second half of the song, he dismisses the worries and woes of overthinking too much by the sentence: “Don’t worry ’bout us. Don’t worry ’bout nothing”.

mvThe first impression that we got from the MV is that it looks like a general group of guys who just love and enjoy music. It’s quite stripped back as far as music videos go, the background seems to be filmed in an abandoned floor with a chandelier randomly to keep it classy. Sam looks confident in himself which we noticed, he seems to be just letting loose and enjoying the moment. There’s a focus on the instruments which almost lets you visually see how the song was made.


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