It’s been a whirlwind for the Coridel Entertainment artist as she finally makes her awaited comeback as a soloist with her album ‘With Love, J’. There’s been high expectations, given that this is the first music release since her departure from Girls’ Generation. No doubt there will be divided opinions especially with her old label mate Tiffany currently promoting her solo debut too.


There’s not a shadow of a doubt to say that it’s an uplifting song. The lyrics of the music speaks for itself as it clings to the idea of remaining hopeful for the future and not giving up in the presence of adversity. There were speculations over the kind of sound that Jessica would use in her music especially given there was excitement and expectations from fans with the run-up leading to her album release. Jessica’s delicate and dulcet vocals were most definitely missed and welcomed with open arms.

The lyrics of this title song creates the image of being lost and not knowing which way to go. But rather than being deterred by the obstacles that life puts in the way, she remained determined with this line: “I have to find myself, yeah. The hope in that small light”. There were no doubt hardships that she must have faced with the preparations for her album, the pressure of the situation must have been heavy for her to deal with at times. “I won’t cry now. I won’t give up”.


The MV looks like it was set in some kind of deserted wasteland, though evidently not isolated enough that deliveries could be made to her house. It seemed to be the case that Jessica is preparing to leave to go to a winter wonderland or some sort, given that she’s had packages delivered with an assortment of winter attire that’s unsuited for the climate of the environment she’s in. It could symbolise starting off a new chapter in her life, moving to a new place for a fresh start, thus wiping the slate clean. Or alternatively, she could have used the experiences from her past both the good and the bad to allow her to move on with her life.


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