For this SOTW, we’ll be looking at one of EXO’s newest release ‘Lucky One’!

The music gives similar vibes to a previous song of EXO’s from their last comeback with ‘Love Me Right’. There’s certainly a contrast between the two title songs almost seems like a light and dark versions, which can be noted in both the lyrics and the music videos. So in one sense, they could be parallels to each other.

With ‘Lucky One’, one perception of its meaning could be that it builds the story of a man who is determined to find the one who is essentially the love of his life. And no matter what obstacle stands in his way will not deter him in a Disney-esque quest.  “The parallel lines that are you and me, I will climb over and over I don’t mind”.

Overall, there’s a general consensus in the lyrics which does put the girl on a high pedestal as they shower her with an abundance of compliments and the promise of finding her regardless of what could stand in their way. There’s an implied notion of anticipation of meeting their loved one which could be the sole factor that’s keeping them going. “The moment I discover you, you shine more radiantly, I’ll be the lucky one”.


From what we can gather from this MV, is that the course of the events that occur in ‘Lucky One’ may have taken place prior to ‘Monster’. In this music video, the members of EXO seem to be impassive which could be explained by the injections they were given by the staff (who seem to be robots of some sort which was the impression we got from when their heads spontaneously combusted), as on one half they are seen to be calm with an emptiness in their eyes, only to be followed on to see that they are struggling to free themselves from their restraints as the reality of their situation starts to return.

Then, onto the second half of the video, EXO have somehow managed to find themselves running through the eerie hallways with warning lights illuminating the walls in an evident alert of their activities. It’s later revealed that EXO are still maintaining their roots from back in their rookie days with their ‘superpowers’. However, it seems that despite their efforts, it is unclear whether they did truly escape as the the focus panned back to show EXO symbol, with three lines stuck in the middle.

If you want another excuse to watch the MV, it’s linked in below!


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