For this SOTW, we’re looking at f(x)’s Luna! SM have been absolutely spoiling fans this year with all the solo promotions that have already taken place this year. Since last year, we’ve seen Amber come out with music that compliments her personality very well and it looks like fellow f(x) member Luna is on the road to carving a rather good solo career too!


There’s one thing for sure, it’s happy virus vibes were infectious when we listened to this song! It’s an dance / electronic track, possibly inspired by 80’s music perhaps? This part in the lyrics, “We are dyed with different colours.” can suggest that there’s more than meets the eye to each person. There’s different aspects that they may identify with in comparison to someone else and that’s okay.

“I hope that you find your true self.” On the other hand, this could link towards Luna wanting her listeners to allow themselves to not close themselves to the world but to instead to become more open to experiences. Regardless of whether they are positive or not , every single one intertwine together to create the individual you become today. Overall, it’s certainly a catchy tune to listen!


Throughout the music video, there’s the constant presence of an elevator. This may not have any specific meaning per say, but it helps to create the daydream that runs wild in Luna’s mind with a variety of different dates taking place in the cramped space. There’s even a subtle throwback to the 90’s cartoon show ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ with the f(x) vocalist sporting a shirt with Buttercup. Luna continues to impress, with fans already aware of her vocal prowess but her dancing.

The MV transits between ‘real-‘life’ and fantasy, with the latter being portrayed in a cartoon version. It’s bright with flickering hues of neon pink which seems to be the main overarching colour here. The ending seems to imply that the events that went on in the MV were simply of Luna’s evidently over imagination as the male interrupts her deep thoughts with an empty candy wrapper – at least that’s what it looks like anyway, which is an odd gift in itself!


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