U-Kiss have made their comeback since their last over a year ago with the title track ‘Stalker’. The group is still going on strong since 2008 for around eight years, which is a feat in itself. The song of the week is from the group’s 11th mini-album.


So, just from the title of the song, it’s easy to assume that it’s about an obsessive love. Or rather a one-sided one? It seems to be the case of a kind of dark love that consumes an individual past the point of logical and rational thinking. It could be suggested that it’s romanticising this dangerous unhealthy kind of love, which doesn’t always end well in the love story it’s trying to portray.

At least, in reality it could either end in a restraining order or someone’s demise. You’ll find that most villains at least in any Disney adaptations or just cartoons in general, their appearance leaves much to be desired. That’s not realistic per say, sometimes it’s the good looking ones you need to watch out for too, no matter how handsome the ‘stalker’ is.

Though, it could be argued that it could be on the extreme end of the spectrum, as t tries to portray the passionate feelings that U-Kiss yet never truly confessing it to the other person. Love isn’t always sunshine and roses, but the more you delve into this – it could be a deep and twisted infatuation that’s being confused as being the same as love.

“Get a little closer like a shadow
Just so she wouldn’t notice.”

“Wherever it is
I will only follow you.”


The MV illustrates the typical bad boy concept, though it’s most certainly a one-sided love which borders on being somewhat creepy. It’s an almost unsaid thing that this kind of theme would not be considered unsettling, especially if it includes a horde of handsome men, perhaps it could be the perfect dream for any fan girl. Especially when you throw in the supernatural element, with the U-Kiss members supposedly being vampires or some kind of creatures of the night.


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