It’s been two years since the K-drama My Love from the Star ended, but it’s worth a repeat view, as well as a repeat listen to the sweet OST track Hello/Goodbye by Sistar’s Hyorin.

Objective: Scan the chorus for useful words

Let’s focus on the chorus which begins at 0:50 in the MV.
사랑이 왔는데 saranghi wannundae
그댄 떠난대 geudan ttanande
기다렸는데 kidaryanandae
더 볼 수가 없대 do bolsoga opdae
늘 바보처럼 neul babacheorom
흐르는 눈물이 말해 heureunun nunmuri malhae
안녕 이젠 Good bye annyeonijen goodbye

Now, let’s look at each line.
love has come = 사랑이 왔는데
love = 사랑이 sarangi
to come = 오다 oda has been conjugated into the past tense ‘came’

you say you’re leaving = 그댄 떠난대
you = 그댄 geudan is made from 그대 and 는
to leave = 떠나다 ttanada

I waited for you = 기다렸는데
to wait = 기다리다 kidarida

but you say I can’t see you any more = 더 볼 수가 없대
more = 더 do
to see = 보다 poda
cannot, without = 없다 opda

always like a fool = 늘 바보처럼
always = 늘 neul
fool, idiot = 바보 pabo
like an X = X처럼 cheorom

The flowing tears tell me = 흐르는 눈물이 말해
to flow = 흐르다 heureda
tears = 눈물 nunmeul
to talk = 말하다 malhada

Goodbye now, goodbye = 안녕 이젠 Good bye
now = 이젠 ijen is made from 이제 and 는
goodbye = 안녕 annyeong (can also be used for hello!)

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