Zhou Mi (often stylised as ‘Zhoumi’) is a Chinese singer that debuted as a member of Super Junior sub-unit Super Junior M in 2008. He also made his solo debut in 2014, and is signed to SM Entertainment.

Zhou Mi was born in Wuhan, China. During his teenage years, he began participating in numerous Chinese national singing competitions. He won many of these, often snagging first place and began to make quite a name for himself. It was when he was in the finals of a 2006 MC contest (entitled ‘CCTV’s Challenging the Host’) that he was spotted by SM Entertainment and offered the chance to come to South Korea and audition for the company. He dropped out of the MC competition and took the chance, which led to him winning the grand prize at the auditions and joining Super Junior M as the main vocalist!

Aside from all his work as part of Super Junior M, Zhou Mi has released two solo EPs entitled ‘Rewind’ and ‘What’s Your Number?’. He has 3 MVs so far, with songs in both Korean and Mandarin.

Zhou Mi has also made a huge name for himself as an MC in Korea. He has hosted around 20 different programmes to date, including series like ‘The Show’ and ‘Fashion King – Secret Box’. There have also been many special festivals that he has been chosen to MC for over the years. He has a solid presence as a Radio DJ too, hosting special segments for ‘Super Junior Kiss Radio’ and ‘Horan’s Power FM’.

The Chinese singer has also showcased his acting chops in a few Chinese and Korean dramas. The Chinese dramas ‘Stage of Youth’ (2009), Melody of Youth (2011), ‘When Love Walked In’ (2012) as well as the 2013 Chinese film ‘Rhythm of Rain’ all included Zhou Mi in a role.  He even acted as an MC in the 2016 Korean drama ‘Entertainer’, which is perhaps unsurprising given his background!

As if singing, hosting and acting weren’t already enough, Zhou Mi is a familiar guest on many variety shows as well. Most of the members of Super Junior get heavily involved on the variety programme scene and Zhou Mi is no exception. As you might expect, he often takes a lead role in Super Junior M’s promotions in his native China, but has also guested on Korean shows like: ‘Let’s Go Dream Team!’, ‘Immortal Song 2’, ‘Abnormal Summit’ and ‘We Got Married Global Edition’.

It seems that Zhou Mi is nothing if not versatile, and really encompasses the idea of a modern idol that is comfortable on all the platforms in the entertainment industry. Check out the videos below if you want to see some more of him.

‘Rewind’ MV (Feat. Tao)

‘Empty Room’ MV (Chinese Version)

‘What’s Your Number?’ MV


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