Homme are a male duo that debuted in 2010 under Big Hit Entertainment. Lee Hyun and Lee Changmin are former members of the groups 8Eight and 2AM respectively.

They have released one EP so far, (entitled ‘Pour Les Femmes’) and many digital singles, their latest being ‘Dilemma’, which they are currently promoting.

The duo has also been involved in the OSTs for a couple of Korean drama series. They sang the song ‘Words There’s No Way You Can Hear’ for ‘Five Fingers’ (2012) and ‘Love Comes With Goodbyes’ for ‘Endless Love’ (2014). As well as this, they have been involved in a few television programmes, including ‘Immortal Songs 2’ and ‘National Singing Contest’

The two have been well received, garnering many awards nominations and couple of wins. Their debut single ‘I Was Able To Eat Well’ won ‘Best Ballad Song’ at the 2011 ‘KOMCA Music Awards’. The track also snagged them a win on Music Bank.

Homme’s genre is R&B, and arguably, what comes through the most in their music is their very powerful vocals. They have a very sleek style and are capable of both upbeat tunes and belting ballads. The duo is an example of great talent, and equally an example to justify that the K-Pop genre is most certainly not all style over substance.

Check out some of their music videos below!:

‘I Was Able To Eat Well’ MV

‘Man Should Laugh’ MV

‘No More Cry’ MV

‘It Girl’ MV

‘Dilemma’ MV


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