Korean-American Yoon Mirae released an English version of her soulful track JamCome on Baby this week.

The MV was released hot on the heels of her appearance on Fantastic Duo, where ordinary folks get the chance to sing with professional singers. The rapper and singer received a lot of love on the show, being named as one of Korea’s top five hip-hop females. She’s back in the solo spotlight as earlier this year, she also took part in SM Entertainment’s STATION, their digital music channel and released the ballad This Love.

Yoon Mirae’s English birth name is Natasha Shanta Reid, and while she was born in Texas, she moved to Korea at a young age and so can speak both English and Korean fluently. She credits her love of music to her dad, who was a DJ while serving with the U.S. military in Korea.

After being accidentally discovered by World Records, singing to herself while attending a friend’s audition, she first debuted in 1997, as part of a hip-hop band called Uptown. The band had a short career with many lineup changes and members with drug issues. Tasha, as she was then known, was already recording outside the band, having released a duet album with another female hip-hop artist.

She struck out solo in 2001, shortening her name to T, and releasing As Time Goes By, the first of three solo albums under that nickname. In 2007 she began releasing under her Korean name. Her personal life undoubtably also influenced her music career, as she signed to a record label founded by her then boyfriend Tiger JK. She married the hip-hop star in 2007, and still also records with him as part of the band MFBTY.

Fantastic Duo wasn’t her first appearance by herself on a TV show, although it was her first notable one for a while. During 2011 she was a judge on Superstar K3, and also made appearances on Running Man and We Got Married.

You can read more about MFBTY in an interview we did here.

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