A few months ago, 4Minute officially disbanded, with HyunA being the only member to re-sign with Cube – and she wasted no time on releasing her solo comeback, How’s This?

Objective: Learn how to ask ‘How’s this?’ and reply ‘fun/interesting/boring fun/dull.’

The first chorus begins at 0:40 in the MV with:
어때 이건 어때 ottae igeon ottae
어때 춤추자 ottae chumchuja

How’s This? – 어때? ottae
to dance – 춤추다 chumchuda

Of course, it’s good to know a few replies, so listen out at 1:18 for:
같잖은 편견 속에 gatjanheun pyeongyeon soke
날 맞추지 마 재미없어 nal matchuji ma jaemieobseo
거지 같은 네 기준에 geoji gateun ne gijune
날 가두지 마 흥미없어 nal gaduji ma heungmi eobseo

Focus on the way the 2nd and 4th lines end-
재미없어 jaemieobseo
fun = 재미 jaemi
to be without = 없어 eobseo

흥미없어 heungmieobseo
interesting, exciting = 흥미롭다 heungmirupda
to be without = 없어 eobseo

So now we have four replies to ‘How’s This?’
it’s fun = 재밌어요 jaemisoyo
it’s exciting = 흥미로운 heungmirowon
it’s boring = 재미없어 jaemieobseo
it’s dull = 흥미없어 heungmieobseo


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