The vocal powerhouse artist has recently released her title track ‘Home’ which featured MFBTY member Yoonmirae from her fourth mini-album. But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard from Ailee this year, with the ballad styled song ‘If You’ which was posted onto Youtube near the end of the summer.

As previously mentioned in a past review of her song ‘Mind Your Own Business’, I briefly explained while I can appreciate her impressive vocal abilities, sometimes her talent falls short in her songs. This however, doesn’t dispute that while she continues to shine in her song covers on various television shows, but her full potential isn’t always showcased to its full extent in her own title songs. However, while the song didn’t instantly blow me away, the style of the music suits her voice and helps to make her more versatile.


This is a notably darker and a maturer concept for Ailee, who is widely known in the K-pop industry for her trademark style of ‘heartbreak’ songs. While the concept of this track has become quite generic to this solo artist, we’re seeing a different side to her. While she can consistently hit those high notes and with the evident growth in her vocal capabilities, these qualities make her somebody to pay attention to. She’s taken on a different approach with this song, her singing has a subtle touch to show yet another side of the kind of artist she perhaps, aspires to be.

This is a collaborative track with Yoonmirae featured in the latter half of the song, which makes this extra special. Especially since it was revealed that the soloist was eager to able to work with the well-known rapper on her latest album. On the lyrical side of matters, Ailee is yearning for her loved one to return back home, whether there was a break-up or a argument had caused friction between the two is not clear. Though, once the pain had subsided, she just simply wants nothing more than for their relationship to go back to what it once was.

“If I were to be honest
I’m still waiting for you”.

Generally, she’s not usually the one to be pining over guys in her other title tracks. Instead she portrays a strong, independant woman who doesn’t hesitate on speaking her mind. But in comparison, this song has a different twist, it shows a much more vulnerable take. Though, it doesn’t make her any less of a strong person to depend on someone else, it takes a certain kind of courage to be able to fully trust another person and to share your life with theirs. It can be a scary concept, especially to someone who had grown confident in being able to live their life without a partner to slowly becoming comfortable by letting someone else in. And when that doesn’t work out to plan, it can mentally cripple that same independent person who now struggles to cope being alone.

“The future we dreamed of
I hope you don’t forget either”.


We can see that each year, her comebacks are gradually becoming more evident of her progress of growing up and turning into the woman she is today. Much stronger and feeling confident in who she wants to be as an artist. At the beginning of her career with her debut song ‘Heaven’, the rookie turnt vocal pro to the present day. As mentioned above, there’s a swift change in the tone used in her music video. Especially from the vengeance seeking Ailee we saw last year, who had no qualms about her friends damaging her ex-boyfriend’s car. While it’s a contrast to the kind of MV’s we’ve seen from Ailee, showing a slightly more vulnerable side to her. Which can be relatable to some extent to her fans as it can act as a reminder that despite her idol status she’s still human and not invincible to the strains of life.

There’s a possible reference to the Disney princess Sleeping Beauty. With Ailee in a deep slumber, presumably waiting for her own Prince to come back home to free her. Or alternatively, it could be interpreted that Ailee was simply saying goodbye to the sleeping form, her past self in order to move past that the pain and to get back the love of her life.

What did you think of Ailee’s comeback? If you haven’t already, you can check out her MV below!


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