Se7en has finally made his comeback in four years since departing from YGE and is now in charge of his own entertainment company Eleven 9. So, after all the work put in to release his recently released album he will most likely be more than happy with being able to share it with his fans.

Though it’s interesting to note that his old labelmates are still supporting him which is a nice thing to see!


It’s definitely a funky number and paired up with his smooth vocals, it’s quite a catchy tune. Reportedly, this title track was produced by ‘The Stereotypes’, who have also made songs for artists such as Bruno Mars and even other K-pop idols groups too! The song is a serenade, proclaiming how it was love at first sight for his newest potential ‘conquest’.

“When you and I locked eyes
I completely fell for you”.

Se7en doesn’t beat around the bush, instead he’s appears to be direct, though it seems like it’s supposed to be based in a nightclub setting where it’s possible that it could have just ended as a one-night stand. Which isn’t unusual to see, you can’t always expect your idols to remain singing the typical love-struck songs for all their career, they do grow up just like the rest of us.

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There seems to be inspiration taken from James Bond, with his attire being taking a simplistic approach particularly in the beginning and during the dance breaks. The neon, fluorescent lighting matches the general jazzy mood of the song. Overall, the transition back to the K-pop scene looks as if he had only been gone for a short while with the seasoned artist looking natural and confident in the MV scenes.


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