It’s been almost three years since IU released the sweet and gentle guitar track Friday featuring Jang Yi Jeong of HISTORY.

Objective: Learn the weekdays and two useful phrases

In the first verse, IU checks off all the weekdays and why she doesn’t think any of them are good, except Friday.
월요일엔 아마 바쁘지 않을까 wolyoiren ama bappeuji anheulkka
화요일도 성급해 보이지 안 그래 hwayoildo seonggeubhae boiji an geurae
수요일은 뭔가 어정쩡한 느낌 suyoireun mwonga eojeongjjeonghan neukkim
목요일은 그냥 내가 왠지 싫어 mogyoireun geunyang naega waenji sirheo
우~ 이번 주 금요일 u~ ibeon ju geumyoil
우~ 금요일에 시간 어때요? u~ geumyoire shigan eottaeyo?

Monday = 월요일 wolyoil
Tuesday = 화요일 hwayoil
Wednesday = 수요일 suyoil
Thursday = 목요일 mogyoil
Friday = 금요일 geumyoil

The next line of the song,
주말까지 기다리긴 힘들어 jumalkkaji gidarigin himdeureo
also features the word for weekend = 주말 jumal

If you want to suggest a day of the week to do something like IU, just practice the line
우~ 금요일에 시간 어때요 u~ geumyoire shigan eottaeyo

Friday = 금요일 geumyoil
Time = 시간 shigan
How is it? = 어때요? eottaeyo?

If someone suggests a day, and you don’t want to meet but have no particular reason for disliking it, use her line about Thursday.
목요일은 그냥 내가 왠지 싫어 mogyoireun geunyang naega waenji sirheo
Thursday = 목요일 mogyoil
As it is/just = 그냥 geunyang
for some reason/somehow = 왠지 waenji
to dislike = 싫어하다 sirahada


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