The BBC World Service are covering South Korean Music in their radio programme ‘Global Beats’!

For those unfamiliar with the BBC World Service, it is a branch of the BBC that broadcasts both in radio and television all over the world. It offers services in 29 different languages and often covers stories that you would not see on more local broadcasts.

It’s great to explore if you are interested in coverage concerning other cultures, because this part of the BBC attempts to update its viewers on the latest goings on in a wide variety of countries around the world.

Of course, it also shows off a lot about South Korea, it’s culture and media – covering it in special programmes a few times in the past.

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This time around, Bernie Cho takes us through some of South Korea’s music scene. Cho is a Korean music advocate, and has worked to facilitate it’s global reach for many years. He is currently the president of a company called the DFSB Kollective, a company that works with Korean artists and their management, helping them achieve global success.

This episode of ‘Global Beats’ with be broadcast on the BBC World Service Radio on:
Saturday 19th November at 14:06 Local time.
Sunday 20th November  at 20:06 Local time.

You can also listen to it after broadcast on BBC iPlayer Radio.


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