There’s been a lot of girl groups coming back this month and also a good selection from the girl groups and soloists this year in K-pop. This time it’s Hyorin returning with her first EP ‘It’s Me’ which featured collaborations with artists such as Dok2, Jay Park and Jooheon from MONSTA X. For this week’s SOTW, we’ll be looking at her title track ‘Paradise’!


The SISTAR powerhouse singer flaunts her confidence in this title track, continuing to carry on the torch of the female soloists. The song conveys her feelings over a guy, who comes across as indifferent to the affections around him. Sort of like that cold guy that’s often portrayed in fanfictions. She’s adamant that she’s going to be the one that can crack him and make him fall for her charms.

“Even if I don’t move a finger, I can open your heart.”

It’s a funky, fast paced dance number which shows off her stable vocal prowess. We didn’t expect this kind of music from Hyorin though like most artists, she was able to to explore different styles in her new album. It wasn’t as catchy as other SISTAR releases on the first listen, though it has the potential to grow on the listener. Even with the trend of the beat drop in the chorus, it doesn’t quite hit the expectations I had from the teasers. But it is a still a good song from her album.

“I’m curious, I want to check
If you can reject even me.”


There seems to be an effortless aura around Hyorin for this concept, following in the femme fatale style. The MV pushes the idea from the lyrics that she’s ‘different’ from other girls, which is a statement that can be overused. Though she does manage to pull it off, especially with her strong vocals.

The visuals are sharp, mixed in the scenes with the choreography. We also just watched her live performance of this song and while her singing remained effortless, it seemed that the dancing wasn’t emphasised as much like in the MV.


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