Once spotted, few can resist the lure of Schnee Pang, giant colourful cookie dough balls often sold in subway shopping malls.

Just be prepared for the next step, as before they hand it over to you, shop staff will put the ball into a paper bag and smack it with a wooden mallet. This shortcrust dough treat is deep fried and coated with sugar, so the mallet is needed to break it up into bite-size pieces.

If you’re thinking the name doesn’t sound 100% Korean, you’d be right – this is an imported snack, known in its native country Germany as schneeballen, or ‘snow ball.’ In Korea they come in a variety of flavours, and one Schnee Pang costs around 2,900 KRW.

Flour, butter and milk are the basic ingredients needed for Schnee Pang. Try making your own!


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