ToppDogg had their recent comeback at the beginning of November with their first full album ‘First Street’. For this week’s SOTW, we’ll be looking at their title track ‘Rainy Day’!


So, this is the first time we’ve featured one of ToppDogg’s songs on UKP. And this latest song takes almost a backseat in comparison to their other releases in the past. For example, last year they had their comeback with ‘The Beat’ which was a sound that, if you were already familiar with the group, that seemed to be the kind of urban music they were known for.

However with ‘Rainy Day’, it’s a much more mellow track. It does showcase what they can do as artists with their vocals. The lyrics focus on remembering a past relationship from seeing the rain, the bittersweet memories of the love is just another distant thought. In one section, the members talk about hating the rain as it acts as a permanent reminder of the painful break-up. Now, the two people who used to be happy in love have been reduced to strangers once more.

“Love is always like
A monsoon that comes and goes
It stays for a while
And leaves to someplace else”.


In this MV, we see a softer, more serious side to ToppDogg. The music video further highlights the emotions concealed behind the lyrics of the song, the hurt and grief from the end of the relationship. As with the title of the song, it starts off with scenes with the rain yet as it nears the end the clouds clear away. Which could show the recovery period as the members all group back together, holding on to each other until they regain their strength. And to finish off, the sleek choreography also does compliment the song.

If you haven’t already seen the MV, it’s linked below!


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