Newest girl group on the scene Momoland already have a lot to thank their fans for, as they made the girls debut this month possible through crowd-funding.

The seven girls are Ahin, Yeonwoo, Nayun, Nancy (maknae), JooE, Jane and Hyebin (leader).

All were contestants on an Mnet reality show aired this year,Finding Momoland, but their fate was initially uncertain after they failed the final mission in September, to gather 3,000 people for a showcase (they managed to get 2,300). Thankfully public support got them their debut album, Welcome to Momoland, and the debut track Jjan! Koong! Kwang!

Their agency DubleKick are a hit-making production team, having written and produced songs like Something by Girls Day and Mr Chu by A-Pink. Momoland is the first girl group they’ve put together.

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