For this week’s SOTW, we’re looking at a chilled song from Junggigo! The soloist is best known for the extremely popular track ‘Some’ which featured SISTAR’s Soyou and rapper Lil Boi. It peaked at no.1 on Korean charts and impressively made over 2 million sales!


The Starship artist has collaborated with rapper Paloalto on this groovy-esque song. It takes a mellow, laidback tone in contrast to his other release ‘Nocturne’ in September.  With the intro of the lyrics, it says: “I’m not dangerous. People don’t know me. People around you saying that they know me well. I don’t even know who they are”. With the lifestyle of someone who carries around a celebrity status, there’s often rumours and idle speculations which spread around like wildfire. While there’s the persona that an idol may show on screen, but fans would never truly see how they behave on a daily basis especially behind the scenes. With the lines: “You want me to get to know the real me. I know that you want me”, it looks as if this could be describing the first meeting, perhaps in a club setting. Junggigo is quite forward and flirtatious behind all the suave, smooth vocals. And Paloalto shows off his rap style and opens his lines confidently with “You smile brightly at my lame jokes”.


The setup for this music video is simplistic, showing the stripped-back performance of the artists with the musicians playing in the the background. The design structure gives off the impression of how Junggigo may image how people watch his videos through recreating the scene in an attempt to connect with his fans with the video playing on a computer screen.

If you haven’t checked the MV yet, it’s linked in below!


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