K.A.R.D have only just debuted, but their MV Oh NaNA has already scored over 1 million views.

The rare co-ed group are on DSP Media. The five members are: Youngji, Jiwoo, J.Seph, Somin and BM. But don’t get too attached to Youngji, a former KARA member, as she’s the ‘hidden KARD’ this time, a rotating member that’s likely only featuring on this release.

Somin is also a familiar face, as she’s the former leader of DSP girl group April. The other K.A.R.D members are new to debut, talented DSP trainees. BM (short for Big Matt) has trained for four and half years, and participated in Kpop Star. Along with J.Seph, he helped write some of the lyrics for Oh NaNA. J.Seph has been a trainee for five years and speaks English. He’s the rapper of the group, seen showing off his rap skills here.

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Here’s a teaser video showing the group’s key point choreo.

Keep up with K.A.R.D on their official twitter, or official Facebook page.


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