Former MBLAQ member Thunder made his solo comeback this week with Sign. Did you see the MV yet? It’s got a fun ‘groundhog day’ style storyline, with cameo by big sister Dara at the end.

Sign featuring Koo Hara

This idol is known under three names: Cheondung, (the Korean word for Thunder), Thunder, and his real name Park Sanghyun. He first debuted with MBLAQ in October 2009. Prior to joining the group he’d been a LOEN Entertainment trainee and appeared in IU’s MV for Lost Child. Thunder was discovered thanks in part to the fame of his big sister Sandara Park, who starred on a music TV show in the Philippines and of course went on to be part of 2NE1. The famous siblings still live together.

Thunder and Sandara both grew up in the Philippines, but were both born in Busan, Korea. Thunder is fluent in Korean, Tagalog and English, and can also speak some Mandarin and Japanese.

Thunder performed as part of MBLAQ until his contract official expired in December 2014. During his active years with the group, he was also modelling in Seoul Fashion Week, starring in several dramas, writing his own music, and appearing on variety shows and adverts by himself.

Since leaving the group, he’s continued to appear in dramas, including 2015’s Make a Woman Cry and more recently Woman with a Suitcase. He’s released his self-penned solo album today under Mystic Entertainment, the same label as Brown Eyed Girls. Sign is a breezy, fun track that’s sure to earn him a whole new wave of fans.

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