Steering well away from the bright colors of their last hit, “Navillera”, GFriend are back with a fierce look and a funky sound with “Fingertip”. Although it may be a far step away from what we’ve usually seen from the sweethearts, there is still a flavor of what GFriend is all about; only this time with a quirky space theme you’d usually expect from animes such as “Mouretsu Pirates” and “Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Space)“.

Overall, the video itself is in fact a dream sequence in its entirety, imagined by a sleeping Eunha who is the center of what appears to be a full-blown war between the other members, who are searching for something that appears to be in her possession. The item isn’t exactly confirmed with it only appearing as a butterfly Eunha chases at the beginning, which later disperses when she catches it. The girls act as bounty hunters, armed with laser weapons to battle against each other to catch up to her.

Aside from Eunha, the other members also seem to have a second version of themselves, trapped in different ways; lost in sleep, trapped in a mirror so it could suggest that whatever they are looking for will also bring them back to reality. Meanwhile, SinB acts as Eunha’s ‘guardian’, emerging from her as a ghost watches over her before she realizes that she is under threat – particularly from two dark-clothed ladies; Sowon and Yuju.

SinB manages to fend them off with her own weaponry and knocks Sowon and Yuju off course while she escapes to what appears to be a sanctuary or a hotel for animals – of the plush kind it appears. Run by the youngest, Umji, she seems to be unclear of the situation at hand as she takes a little cuddly meerkat to safety but as SinB watches over her in hiding, the maknae is also armed too with a rifle – in order to protect herself possibly when she discovers she is not alone and shoot SinB down. However, her efforts are in vein as she is taken down by SinB with a single shot. Eunha is still oblivious to the situation however and soon comes across the sanctuary just as alliances begin to form and face off.

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Watching over Eunha, SinB appears to team forces with Yerin just as the ‘enemies’ emerge once again and holds them both at gunpoint. The girls duck just as they pull the trigger and avoid danger, just as Eunha also discovers the butterfly once again. The butterfly appears to be the main source of power within the music video’s world, making time suddenly rewind and rifts in space to suddenly open. However, all of the members appear together in uniform which suggests that they were united before and that these powers the butterfly possesses has also split them apart; with the innocent Eunha lost in the middle of the battle.

SinB & Yerin appear to want to bring Eunha back but Sowon & Yuju seem to have more evil purposes. The battle comes to a head, however, as SinB & Yerin finally catch up to Eunha who backs away in fear of being at gunpoint. As Yerin tries to stop her from going over the edge of the building, SinB suddenly opens fire and catches her ally in crossfire, while Eunha falls back.

Escaping from the dream state, everything seems back to normal as the girls emerge to wake Eunha up and go out together as close friends, if the battle between them never happened and time returns to its natural state. There is no clear explanation as to what exactly the butterfly means to the group or what their true intentions were, but that hasn’t stopped Buddys trying to join up the dots and link their concepts back to Navillera. One fan forum has suggested the concept of an arcade game and once again, Dream Teller on Youtube have been on the case to define the imagery and understand what is the true meaning throughout this fun and creative video.

So what were your thoughts on the MV? Do you have your own theory behind GFriend’s latest hit? Let us know in the comments and check out the rest of GFriend’s latest album, “Awakening” on iTunes and Spotify.


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