The hip-hop producer signed on with the label HIGHGRND last year, and had already previously worked with Tablo with the song ‘Hood’ but more recently, CODE KUNST released a collaboration track ‘Fire Water’ which featured JYP artist G.Soul and Epik High’s Tablo.

For this SOTW, we’re taking it down a notch from last week’s upbeat featured track from Twice. Instead, we’re looking at the latest release from Code Kunst with G.Soul and Tablo, which is definitely a relaxing song to listen to. When we considered at the title itself, it’s put two opposing elements side by side. In reality, fire and water aren’t regarded to be compatible in the slightest however it seems to be the case that the two contrasting elements are brought together to exist side by side. With both elements, strong in their own rights, they’re both needed in some form or another, even if they may not match as well in comparison if paired with other elements. 

The notion behind the title really brings to life the saying that opposites attract, that you’re not always going to find someone who will fit into the ‘ideals’ you may look for in a partner, that each person has their own imperfections. But it’s also acknowledging that no one is perfect in that respect, and to look beyond that and to see the beauty that lies within the person itself, rather than just their personality traits (whether that’s corresponds to water (calm, or shy, maybe even impassive) and fire (aggressive or easily angered).

The cinematography really does well in capturing the story in such a simplistic way, there’s no complex plot but instead it focuses on the conflict within a relationship. On a number of occasions of symbolisms that’s featured within the MV, with the two elements of fire and water but also can be seen through the couple. For instance, girl seemed to give off the impression of feeling out of place sitting near the fire and more comfortable when she slipped into the icy water.

But it looked like it was the opposite end with the guy he looks like he hesitates to go after her and he holds the stick that lit with fire. It could indicate that when he went out of his comfort zone to follow her into the depths of the water, the love that he felt for her made him strong enough to be brave. It really does highlight the fear of the unknown, which can hinder someone to be able to step forward and go against their instincts in order to get back to the person they love.

What did you think of the song/MV?


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