After nearly two years, the well known girl group has made their comeback recently with their 5th mini album ‘Girl’s Day Everyday #5’! The quartet was previously active as a group back in 2015 with their second full length album ‘Love‘ and title track ‘Ring My Bell‘. This week, we’ll be looking at GIRL’S DAY’s latest promotional song ‘I’ll Be Yours’!

This time round for their comeback song, GIRL’S DAY have opted for a jazzy tune, with the piano notes being playing in the background, which much more toned down in comparison from ‘Ring My Bell. Though, it’s a good song for the girl group to return back onto the K-pop scene with, we have to say that this kind of sound seems to suit them, especially with the vocals in this infectious track. The girls aren’t here to play around evidently, as the lyrics opens up with ‘what’re you doing right now? I’ll be yours’, directly offering the proposal with no hesitation. From the lyrical side, it’s similar to the meanings in ‘Female President‘ of the women being assertive in their feelings and not waiting for the men to confess first.

The girls eluded confidence in this video, with the boys either following or being around them constantly which shows the competition between the boys fighting for their affections. In the lyrics, it calls out to the boys to ‘be a man’ which is matched up with the average displays of their masculinity during the boxing scenes. When Minah turned to give her shoe to her shy admirer, it seemed like a modern twist on Cinderella, giving them a opportunity to see her again to return her shoe back.

Though, it’s only later on in the music video that it turns out that it’s happened several times with a good number of boys waiting outside her door as she looks on with a knowing smile. One of the parts in the MV that stands out is when Hyeri fights for her corner, either presuming that she didn’t care for the man or whether if his time was up and that she wasn’t going to wait for him. Either way, she was showing that she wasn’t someone to be messed with.

What did you think of GIRL’S DAY’s comeback?


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