Highlight have just debuted – but it’s second time around for the five guys, all former members of BEAST. Here’s their MV for upbeat track Plz Don’t Be Sad.

Dujun (leader), Junhyung, Yoseob, GIKwang, and Dongwoon (maknae) have a new label and a new name, the same as the last album they released as BEAST.

The boys first debuted along with Jang Hyungseung in 2009. He left the group last year due to musical differences, and when the boys’ contracts expired, they decided to stick together and set up their own label, Around Us. Cube wouldn’t let them use the name BEAST, hence the rebrand.

New name, but no worries – just as they did before, they’ve been sweeping the weekly Korean music award shows with their new releases. And they’re as entertaining as ever – check out their 2x speed dance for the BEAST song Fiction.

Their first mini EP, Can You Feel It? is out now.

It’s Still Beautiful – from the new EP

Highlight (the last album) sampler

The original version of Fiction from 2011

Check their back catalogue of Beast MVs here
Highlight’s official pages are here: Around Us Entertainment, Twitter, Instagram, V Live.


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