GOT7 are back with their latest mini-album ‘Flight Log: Arrival‘, which has gained international success on multiple charts worldwide. This week, we’ll be looking at their title song and the MV for ‘Never Ever‘!

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With ‘Never Ever’, it looks to be on the opposite side of the spectrum in comparison to ‘Hard Carry‘. With the latter, it boasted of letting go and having a good time.  Though, with this title track, there’s a coating of regret from the JYP artists. From the lyrics, it suggests that the members were so caught up with themselves that it caused them to neglect their loved one. In essence, they took longer than what was necessary to make a decision but ended up taking them for granted. Now, they’re come back to plead for their loved one to accept them.

They all look contemplative, thoughts running a mile a minute – as discussed, it’s a shift in the mood from ‘Hard Carry‘. They’re sombre, as serious as the lyrics runs clear in its intentions. Some can be seen wandering hopelessly through a maze, or a set of halls which could be to possibly help illustrate their thoughts. As the car is slowly submerged into the water, this could suggest that they are no longer afraid to commit in the relationship as they plunge into the unknown, even if they could get hurt.

Or alternatively, it could be considered that they become so consumed by the guilt that is eating at them for not treating their loved one like they should have, thus the emotions build up and a dark cloud is left. Then later on, Jiyoung is later saved by Youngjae after being trapped in a glass box and then Mark with Jiyoung stuck in an underwater car, who could symbolise that no matter what, GOT7 will always be there. And as we’re approaching the end of the MV, Jiyoung is brought back to life, where the dark cloud has alleviated to allow him to look at life in a different light.

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