A hot new 7-member boy band debuted this week! MVP’s debut track Take it is a hip-hop track with some sharp dance moves to match.

MVP are Kanghan (leader), Rayoon, Gitaek, P.K, Jin, Been, and Sion (maknae). The seven rookies have debuted under a rookie label, PH Entertainment, but that hasn’t stopped them getting a lot of early netizen approval. SubKulture Entertainment is also helping the boys and their label get some international exposure.

In fact this week marks the second debut for one member, main vocalist Gitaek. He first debuted (under the nickname Ryu) in 2012 in the band Mr. Mr. In 2015 he left the band in a cloud of controversy, even filing a lawsuit against his former CEO. Let’s hope his idol life with MVP will be much smoother sailing.

One more interesting thing to note about MVP, if you think you’re seeing double, don’t be alarmed – members Been and Jin are twins.

MVP’s debut album MANIFEST is out now. Check out the official preview.

The boys aren’t shy about busting out their dance moves, as can be seen on their dance cover of GOT7’s Hard Carry.

Official pages: twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Also check out SubKulture Entertainment.


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