The ladies of Dreamcatcher are back to cast a spell on their fans, returning with their horror concept and continuing the story from their debut, ‘Chase Me’. Despite being a reboot of Happy Face’s girl group, Minx, they are going from strength to strength with their fast-paced rock sound and mysterious concept taken from multiple supernatural horrors.

As expected, the music video for their second single, ‘Good Night’ continues where ‘Chase Me’ left off, starring ‘Likeable or Not’ actor, Jo Dong Hyuk as he carries out a paranormal investigation. To understand what exactly is carried on into the second music video, we need to first analyse the final scenes of ‘Chase Me’ when Dong Hyuk experiences multiple hallucinations during his search for answers. As he crashes through the bedroom once owned by the Dreamcatcher girls, he discovers that there is indeed proof of their existence and we notice a possible decent into madness with his reaction to this discovery.

So what does this mean for the continuation of Dreamcatcher’s supernatural saga? In ‘Good Night’, this investigation soon becomes an obsession, with Dong Hyuk now in possession of a mysterious spell book and hooded figures now chasing down the girls. There is more emphasis on the true intentions behind the investigator, with the possibility that we wants to use the power of the spell book for himself or he needs the girls to truly harness this. A reason why they could be hiding away in the depths of the forest.

Meanwhile, Siyeon and Yoohyeon are running in order to evade capture and watch over the figures as they get ever closer to the group. However, this isn’t enough as the curse of the spell book comes into effect and SuA is claimed by the forest. Although she appears innocent, the tree roots gather around her and coil around her legs, contrasting the balance between Dreamcatcher’s need to live in peace and Dong Hyuk’s obsession and corruption to claim the power he discovered.

As noted throughout ‘Chase Me’, there is multiple nods towards cult classics in the horror genre, such as The Shining. Whereas with ‘Good Night’, it takes on a different form of the supernatural, specifically cult following and witchcraft. The most significant reference comes with Siyeon and Yoohyeon’s search for SuA and their escape to safety. As the henchmen grow closer, they gather up sticks and string to create small dolls that watch over. Of course, this is a giant reference back to the most influential witchcraft horror of its time; ‘The Blair Witch Project’. The dolls the Blair Witch and Dreamcatcher leave behind hold some similarities and this reference note back to the Blair Witch’s intention behind these dolls – as revealed in the recent reboot of the film as they are revealed to be laced with dark magic that links back to their victims in a form of voodoo. This places emphasis that the girls are not just simple spirits as suggested in ‘Chase Me’. They are powerful entities with the ability to conduct their own force to whoever crosses them.

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Dreamcatcher’s power comes into full effect as the remaining members attempt to save SuA and blend their powers together in ritual. JiU, Dami and Handong form a similar sacrifice to their previous video to concentrate their energy into one powerful entity and claim back the book that is rightfully theirs. Stealing the spellbook from Dong Hyuk’s clutches, they manage to burn the page in order to free SuA from the forest’s clutches and rein revenge on the danger that longs to take them.

What is interesting about this method of rescue is the reference back to witchcraft. Although the fire is saving SuA, fire was traditionally used as punishment as suspected witches were burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials in order to protect against any sorcery that would occur after death.

With the girls now safe, Dreamcatcher soon get their revenge, ensuring that evil will never return and destroy whatever evidence of their existence and plans to capture them. With their power, they destroy all of Dong Hyuk’s documents and finally turn the tables as he is banished to another dimension inside a mirror in Dreamcatcher’s world, without any means of escape.

In the end of ‘Good Night’, we find out the real identity of the girls as they travel through the forest in gold-embellished, black cloaks. There is suggestions that they are in fact a cult or a sisterhood of witches, blending back to the imagery and references put into place throughout the MV. However, one important thing to note is the final scenes. As they walk through, one girl is carrying the spell book but unfortunately drops it without realizing. There is no notification that the story will continue into the third single or if this is where their story ends, in which case this could be how the book comes into Dong Hyuk’s possession and how the events of ‘Chase Me’ and ‘Good Night’ begin. With the book dropped, Dong Hyuk may have discovered it and went into the hotel to investigate the source, or these scenes occur between both videos and this is how he descended to this thirst for power.

There is no confirmation that the story will continue but there is no denying that Dreamcatcher are taking the horror image in their stride, creating a powerful concept that they are making their own with every video and performance. If you haven’t seen the video yet, make sure to check out both singles if you love horror. Luckily there is no blood and gore, but it still gives a mysterious atmosphere that makes Dreamcatcher a definite girl group to watch in the never-ending stream of rookies.


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