As we’re nearing the end of April, there’s been a good number of solo releases this week! With the group releases, there’s been mini albums from Laboum, SF9 and DIA. We’ve had solo debuts from Minzy and Davichi’s Lee Haeri and favourites from Super Junior’s Yesung, Jessica and IU!

Group: Laboum

The girl group released their 2nd mini album ‘Miss This Kiss’ with the title track ‘Hwi Hwi’ on April 17.

It’s been a long time coming but Minzy’s finally debuted as a soloist with her mini album ‘Minzy Work One: Uni‘ on April 17. The title track ‘Ninano’ features rapper Flowsik.

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The powerhouse singer from Super Junior released his 2nd mini album ‘Spring Falling‘ with the title tracks ‘Hibernation’ and ‘Paper Umbrella’ on April 18.

The boy group are back with their 2nd mini album ‘Breaking Sensation‘ on April 18. And the title track is ‘Easy Love’ with the MV linked in below!

Artist: Jessica Jung

The former SM artist dropped her digital single ‘Because It’s Spring ‘ on April 18!

Group: DIA

DIA have released their 2nd full album ‘Yolo‘ on April 19. And the promotional title track is ‘Will You Go Out With Me’!

Lee Hae Ri, one half of Davichi has debuted as a soloist with her mini album ‘h‘. She released her title track ‘Hate That I Miss You’ on April 19.

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The popular singer has returned with her 4th full album ‘Palette‘ on April 21 and received an all-kill on the charts! IU’s title track is ‘Palette’ which features G-Dragon.

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