As we’re still reeling from grief at the disbandment of 2NE1, the group’s ero-maknae and hidden talent Minzy bursts onto the scene with her long awaited debut! Over the years, there has been controversy surrounding her role within 2NE1 and her potential remaining unrecognised but here she is, showing the industry how it’s done.

It’s a hip-hop, bass heavy track that’s a little slower than something we expected. There’s a sort of latin flair running through the melody and the chorus of ‘NiNaNo’ is the catchy part. The song features rapper Flowsik who is introduced later in the track. There is a nice balance between dance and chill-out as the pre-chorus slows to prepare you for a punchy chorus. The chorus doesn’t pack much of a punch but it is certainly one you’ll be repeating!

It’s a cool, underground styled video with countless seconds of Minzy screentime. Although we do see some choreography, the dance is lost in a series of different shots. Minzy looks incredible in every outfit change and every scene. It’s got a real ‘street’ feel and the gritty urban vibe really reflects the tone of the track. There are so many components that make this MV interesting to watch, the real missing piece is the choreography as while it’s present throughout, it still feels missing. We need a dance practice to really see every move! We all know Minzy can deliver extraordinarily with her moves and just need to see more of that.

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