This week on Weekly Idol, we are looking at not just one specific idol but also the group that she will soon become part of. After live promotions with trainee unit, LOOΠΔ 1/3, ViVi (Wong Viian) has finally released her solo single for the group’s year-long hype before their official debut in late 2017.

If you have been living under a rock in terms of “rookie-watching”, LOOΠΔ is Blockberry Creative’s girl group project which will be revealing a new ‘girl of the month’ before the twelve girls finally debut as a unit. Already we have had infectious hits from Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul & Yeojin but in February, ViVi was revealed as the next girl of the group. However, her promotions have been very different in comparison. Every month, the girls have released their own solo song but with ViVi, she was revealed with the sub-unit LOOΠΔ 1/3 and performed live alongside the girls on Inkigayo with their EP, “Love&Live”.

During the music video for the sub-unit track, ViVi became the lead actress, acting as a robot who wants to be like her human friends and mirrors their action. This was to emulate her position as the new member revealed in the entire group and also her “need to try and find a place in an already solidified – but still growing – group of girls”. However, now she has her time to shine with her ‘April Girl’ song, “Everyday I Love You”. The music video is a fun step back in time, with ViVi acting as a girl working in a retro Roller Disco & Arcade when she falls in love with a charming boy (played by one of Blockberry’s male trainees who has yet to be named). The video itself is bright and fun, with the overexposed close up shots and a cameo of featured member, HaSeul and the other members dancing around in retro style outfits, reminiscent of S.ES and Fin.K.L who are deemed girl group legends in the 1990s.

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Check out the adorable ViVi’s solo track for LOOΠΔ’s project and keep watching as the fans will determine when the next girl will be revealed. As soon as the music video for “Everyday I Love You” reaches 300,00 views on Youtube, the accompany video for the alternative version, “Everyday I Need You” will be revealed along with the official introduction of new member, Jinsoul.


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