It’s already the second week of May and I can already feel some Spring tunes coming in. One thing’s for sure, we’ve got two PSY comebacks released on the same day – Can he top his previous popular releases? Let’s find out our latest releases for this week!

DAY6 – Dance Dance

Release: The JYP rock band are back again with a comeback for May. They’re are nearly half way through the year with their monthly releases. Their latest release can be described as an upbeat, fun piece – The MV can be described as very casual and shows their lovable, fun personalities. Released on the 8th of May.

ROMEO – Stay With Me

Release: ROMEO are back again with their latest track “Stay With Me” a song from their new Special Edition Album called “One Fine Day”, released on the 8th of May. The aesthetics of the MV can be described as warm – definitely an MV which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The song provides a very chill-Spring vibe.

KYUJONG (SS301) – Hello, Spring (안녕, 봄)

Release: SS301’s Kyujong has entered May with his first solo single album release called “Play in Nature Part. 1 – Spring”. His solo track “Hello, Spring” is a ballad which can be described as gentle and provides a very acoustic-vibe demonstrated by the backing of the guitar. Released on the 10th of May.


Release: PSY is back again with the release of his 8th album, “4×2=8”. For this comeback, he has released two MVs. “I LUV IT” can be described as an upbeat, comical song, produced by BLOCK B’s Zico. You’ll find yourself surprised to see a familiar face from the well known “PPAP” video. Hint: Check out 0:35! I have a feeling this song will be one that you can’t get out of your head after listening! Released on the 10th of May.


Release: PSY’s second MV release “New Face” features the lovely, Naeun from A Pink. One of the most key dance moves I found catching my eye, was the well-known “dab” move which you can see demonstrated by PSY and Naeun in the MV. I honestly appreciate PSY’s concepts, they are extraordinary, but that’s what makes them unique – It definitely made me laugh that’s for sure! Released on the 10th of May.

Unnies – Right? (Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2)

Release: The popular variety show, Sister’s Slam Dunk have returned for a second season to focus on a girl group project which Min Hyorin had dreamed of since season 1. The group “Unnies” formed through the program have released their second single (first of season 2) , “Right?” on the 12th of May. They have also released another single on the same day called “Lalala Song”. The MV is rather comical, with the song following the cute girly concept, particularly with their clothing choice – The popular, school girl concept.

Hitchhiker x Taeyong (NCT) – Around

Release: SM Entertainment is back again with another Station release. This time it is a collaboration between Hitchhiker and NCT’s Taeyong. Their song “Around” was released on the 12th of May. The MV’s visual is very abstract and uses a lot of illusions and cloning of different aspects. The collaboration can be described as a “unique hybrid sound” created by Hitchhiker. It ranges from “base music and trap genre” with the accompaniment of Taeyong who features in the MV as well, providing “powerful rapping”.



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