When the news initially broke over T-ara’s disbandment earlier this year, fans did not expect to hear another stable girl group to also be following in their footsteps. The generation of girl groups are quickly fading away, however their music will still remain.

As much as people joke about the ‘Seven Year Curse’ with girl groups in particular, it remains to be the case that group start to disperse after the time period. It had been reported recently this week that SISTAR had officially disbanded. The former 4 member group was a good contender in the industry, bringing around catchy tunes with every comeback. For this SOTW’s special, we’ll be looking at 7 songs from SISTAR from their debut until 2016. But they will be coming out with a final song at the end of May.

SISTAR [2010 – 2017]

1. Push Push

We’re starting off with their energetic debut song, a throwback which came out in 2010 that served as an introduction to the girl group. They already looked confident in the music video which was fun and even featured the pre-debut Boyfriend twin members Youngmin and Kwangmin. The track was one of the first of SISTAR’s to be produced and written by Brave Brothers.

2. So Cool

Next up in 2011, we have the upbeat pop track ‘So Cool’ that also featured DJ DOC with a glitzy MV to boot with each member looking every bit glamorous. They showed off their model side in the music video as they strut on the catwalk and even showed off their athletics skills as they casually wore dresses, like the bosses they were. This dance song helped to solidify SISTAR’s status in the industry.

3. Alone

The 2012 comeback seemed to turn people’s attention to SISTAR with this sultry, classy number which was produced by Brave Brothers. And the choreography seemed to catch on at the time of the release, especially with their fellow idols! The MV being the most popular and most viewed out of all their music videos, coming in at 75 million.

4. Give It To Me

The girls follow up with a burlesque style in 2013 with ‘Give It To Me‘. They all show off their feminine charms in this catchy number, the music video helped to showcase the natural seductive side of the girl group, especially when paired up with the transitions of strong to raspy vocals from Hyorin and Soyou, dulcet tones from Dasom and of course an on point rap from Bora. The combination of all these girls will surely be missed.

5. Touch My Body

And so arguably comes along the best year for SISTAR, in 2014 they return for their summer hit ‘Touch My Body’. The fun track was coupled with a vibrant music video, which fully complimented the summer vibes when this was release. All of the members shined in the video during their own individual parts. SISTAR later went on to win ‘Best Girl Group’ at the MAMA’s in the same year.

6. Shake It 

SISTAR returned for another summer comeback in 2015 with ‘Shake It’! The song was produced and written by Duble Sidekick. The colourful MV matched nicely with the dance track which featured Kang Kyunsung from Noel as well as labelmates Shownu and Wooho in Monsta X!

7. I Like It

Last but by no means least, they switched up their style to return back to a concept they covered before in 2016 with ‘I Like It’. After all the collection of love songs they had released, SISTAR came back with a strong image that didn’t need a man to define them and no longer tolerated their partner’s playboy behaviour.

We’re definitely going to miss SISTAR, what was your favourite song from the girl group?


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