Park Heung-sik’s 2016 romantic drama offers a theme typically explored in the genre; rediscovered love.

The film follows filmmaker Ming-gu (Kim Seung-Woo)’s trip to Italy, where he finds his college flame Min-ha (Lee Tae-Ran) on the same flight as him. Ming-gu finds her again a few days later and approaches her. The pair are overwhelmed with nostalgia and spend lots of time together; they feel like they are twenty again.

However, the relationship is doomed to fail, as Ming-gu is willing to leave behind his wife and child, widowed Min-ha wants to end the affair at the end of the trip.

Although the Italian scenery offers an interesting backdrop to the film, the storyline is not unlike other romantic dramas. The relationship never feels like it was meant to last, and therefore the storyline offers no particular climax; the viewer is simply allowed to watch the romantic trip progress.

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