This week, we’ll be breaking down two videos which links up to one on-going story. CJ E&M announced a special album called “Story About: Some, One Month” which will compile the ‘some’ stories of males and females in relationships through both music and video. Throughout the course of this album, the accompanying music videos will include actors, Jisoo & Kim Min Ji, as their releationship develops throughout the course of the month.

If you are confused as to what “Some” is, it has become a term that has become prominent within South Korean culture since the release of the song of the same name; sung by JungGiGo and SISTAR’s Soyou. In a “Some”, the people involved do indeed have feelings for one another but are not in a committed relationship, yet.

So far, CJ E&M’s project has released parts one and two of the story; starting with idol group, gugudan’s track, “Perhaps Love”.

Both videos come from two different perspective. Gugudan’s single focuses mainly on the portrayal of Min Ji, as she appears to be an ordinary girl in what appears to be shot in a K-Drama style. She is the typical drama heroine, slightly ditzy and loveable as she rushes towards the bus stop – cutely forgetting the roller setting her fringe into place. As she gets on the bus, Jisoo gets on too but they are forced to stand together, holding onto the bus’s handles. Stumbling, Jisoo grabs the handle beside him but mistakenly touches Min Ji’s hand which initiates their first meeting.

Over time, Min Ji keeps thinking of Jisoo during her work and dreams of different scenarios both resulting in either romantic or awkward conclusions. She appears to be happier however in her work, as she daydreams and goes on with a bright smile. The two meet continuously as it is their regular commute, but one day as the driver turns harshly, Min Ji stumbles directly into Jisoo, who saves her. They remain for what seems to be for a moment in the romantic position which initiates their attraction but Min Ji suddenly gets flustered and rushes off, feeling awkward and worrying over what exactly she feels for Jisoo.

The following day, Min Ji is overthinking as she gets on, wondering if she’ll make a move or just get shunned by Jisoo. However, as he gets on, she seems timid, trying to block out any infatuation until he grabs onto her hand on the bus handle. This ends the music video as an episode and marks their attraction towards each other.

With the second release, Jisoo and Min Ji’s story progresses and their relationship develops from the initial first meeting of “Perhaps Love”. Episode Two is accompanied by Car, the Garden with their track, “Kiss”. The music video for this instead focuses on Jisoo’s mind set; as he dreams about Min Ji and their fated first kiss. The two are now starting to go out together, but their status is not truly confirmed. Despite this, Jisoo continues to dream of them both alone on the bus, locked in a passionate kiss.

This makes him appear more awkward and dumbstruck but even the smallest things Min Ji does. He tries to act normal, as if just a friend but his mind just keeps going back to his wishes to kiss her. At the end of one movie date however, Jisoo seems to relax, settling to holding her hand on the way back home.

Their story is set to unfold in the up-coming weeks with the next additions to the “Story About: Some, One Month” album, which is releasing in segments. Will you be following Jisoo and Min Ji’s story with Episode Three? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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