They’re finally back after all these months, BLACKPINK are back in your area as they return this summer with their single ‘As If It’s Your Last’! They released the teaser for the song a few days ago, which had attracted over 5 millions views just simply for the 19 second preview! Looks like the girls have been missed in their hiatus, without further ado let’s look at the song!

Over the course of BLACKPINK’s four songs, they’ve covered the ‘Black’ of their namesake with cool concepts that earned them the title of being a Monster Rookie group. Now they are back with a ‘Pink’ concept which brings together the best of both worlds as they showcase their cute and feminine sides yet they still maintain their unique style which won over their fans when they debuted last year.

‘As If It’s Your Last’ presents an upbeat track that fits in with this time of the year! If you watched the behind the scenes video, you would have listened to the snippet of how the song was going to sound like. The song slows down by the pre-chorus, then builds up again with an almost old-school pop in the chorus. And akin to Lisa’s opening part in ‘Boombayah‘, her rap section is entirely in English which is a treat for their international fans! It may take a few listens, but it definitely has the potential to be an earworm kind of song!

Just like with the teaser, we see a strong start to the music video with Lisa at the forefront. There’s brief snaps of the fierce dance moves from their choreography that may sustain their fans until the perform this song live, in between the member’s shots, individually and together as a group.

The camera shots branched off from the range of background scenes with pink being the reoccurring theme colour in the video to match with their concept. The M/V gave the girls a chance to show off their cute side, which they often display off-stage from their variety show appearances, but with their own twist. Each of the member’s part was shared amongst the four of them which allows separate moments to appreciate what they all bring as a group.

What did you think of BLACKPINK’s comeback song?


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