August is drawing to an end, meaning that summer is unfortunately is ending for many. This past week we’ve had an interesting number of releases which have showcased different relationships occurring in our lifes. From breakups, to sweet relationships, to feelings of the past and present and how people have evolved from them.

Sunmi – Gashina

Release: Sunmi, the former member of Wonder Girls is back with her latest track ‘Gashina’ which was released on the 22nd of August! The term ‘Gashina’ has several meanings: One referring to ‘thorns’, the second refers to making a question with the verb, ‘leave’ like ‘how could you leave me?’ or ‘why are you leaving me?’ whilst the third meaning refers to a Korean dialect, meaning ‘woman’. This powerful concept follows the ‘strong independent woman’ vibe which conveys her perspective of living a life without a man. Her care-free movements shown throughout the MV, along with the smooth transitions make the MV itself very appealing, with different outfits for each individual scene to describe her transition to becoming a strong woman.

MOMOLAND – Freeze!

Release: Momoland returns for the release of ‘Freeze’ on the 22nd of August. The group’s concept this time is based in a funfair using the memorable funfair tune to begin their song. The group also feature a member of Wanna One, Kim Jaehwan (previously a individual trainee in Produce 101 Season 2)! The fun and light-hearted concept shows the members attempting to draw the attention of Jaehwan, but ‘freezing’ and returning back to their original positions as parts of the funfair exhibit when he looks towards them. The song is an upbeat with a good flow, making it enjoyable to listen to alongside the colourful and cute MV!


Release: On the 23rd of August, Pristin released their comeback ‘We Like’ along with 2nd mini album, ‘SCHXXL OUT’. The group released their MV with a fun concept, as the members act mischievously trying to avoid the security guard as they hide out in the shopping mall. Despite the concept of the MV, the lyrics actually talk of something else. The lyrics of the song describe the feelings of having a crush, and trying to draw his attention by describing the aspects of themselves which will draw him to them. The main chorus follows a very simple structure with ‘du du du du du du’ added to the end of each line. However, there is an interesting change to the song which is well-demonstrated in the MV as well, as the bold group is spotted by the security guard.

VICTON – Unbelievable 

Release: VICTON returned with ‘Unbelievable’ on the 23rd of August alongside their 3rd mini album, ‘Pink Lady’. The group’s MV provides a colourful, bright vibe, as the boys voice their ‘unbelievable’ reaction to discovering that the girl they like, also likes them back! The upbeat and summer concept makes it a lovable MV, and quitely likely it’s a relatable scenario! In relation to similar concept styles, the MV provides vibes of the previous SEVENTEEN music video, ‘Very Nice’!

Jisook x Ilhoon (BTOB) – Baesisi

Release: Jisook releases her new debut single ‘Baesisi’ whom she collaborated with Ilhoon of BTOB. The single was released on the 24th of August. Jisook former member of the group, Rainbow, returns to debut as a soloist. The term ‘baesisi’ means ‘to smile faintly/lightly’. We hope that many people can support her debut after her previous group, Rainbow unfortunately disbanded. Her song talks about her shy actions to her one and only love, a sweet song of romance.

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Yoo Seungwoo x Younha – Can’t Stop The Feeling

Release: Yoo Seungwoo and Younha collaborate for the new release of ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’, released on the 24th of August. The concept of the video is quite interesting as it follows a detective, investigative style plot. From the MV it describes a relationship of the pair, as they work together to solve a mystery whilst conveying the feelings of one another, as they ‘cant stop the feeling’ of love as they look towards each other. In relation to the detective style, the MV provides similarities to such of Sherlock Holmes, whilst some have agreed that the MV gives them vibes of the Korean drama, ‘Chicago Typewriter’.

Hoody – Hangang

Release: Hoody is back with a vibrant summer song called ‘Hangang’, released on the 24th of August. Her new release ‘Hangang’ refers to an specific area in Seoul, most famously known is Hangang river, where Hangang Park and Hangang bridge reside. The MV is colourful and bright featuring the AOMG artist herself as well as a couple acting in the MV showcasing their daily cute activities together. The song can be described as smooth, chill song which is very easy to listen to, particularly on a summer day!

Hur Youngji – Memory Clock

Release: Youngji is best known as a former member of KARA. She’s also made a feature on her labelmates, K.A.R.D’s MV, as a hidden member of K.A.R.D. Now she has returned for her solo debut song ‘Memory Clock’ released on the 25th of August. The song is a slow-paced, sweet ballad. Her new release was also produced by her, including the composition and lyrics. The lyrics appear to convey her reminicising her memories throughout the music videos, represented in a delicate manner.

Heize – In The Time We Spent Together

Release: Heize returns with her new digital single ‘In The Time We Spent Together’ released on the 25th of August. Her emotional slow-paced song follows in the genre of R&B and Soul. The MV showcases scenes of a couple, as their relationships evolve. From sweet memories spent together, till a fight occurs amongst them leading them to break away from one another. However it ends up being resolved as the pair return to each other’s embrace momentarily till she realises that after everything it was better to let go.

Nick & Sammy – Belong To Me

Release: This duo, Nick and Sammy their new rock song ‘Belong To Me’ on the 27th of August. The pair are famous for doing many famous mash-ups of numerous popular songs such as ‘Despacito’ x ‘Hola Hola’. Nick & Sammy have the ability to play instruments, rap and sing! The song discusses the feelings of the past, as they reminisce past memories with a girl when they were in a relationship. The song conveys rock-indie vibes which provide a quite westernised feel, yet the song is something quite likeable to the ear.


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