SM has spoiled fans with Red Velvet releases this summer. The girls dropped their recent EP ‘The Red Summer’ last month and let’s all admit it, we can’t stop listening to ‘Red Flavor’… am I right? Their latest MV and track ‘Rebirth’ isn’t included on the five track mini album as it’s an SM Station release. ‘Rebirth’ is originally a song by Yoon Jong Shin and this is a special collaboration between the artists. Yoon Jong Shin is remaking hit ‘Dumb Dumb’ in the next part of the project.

It’s a slow, sweet track about falling in love and the girls spin their own quirky element on the song to make it their own.  It’s a retro, summery track with a mid-tempo beat.  The harmonisation at the start of the song is reminiscent of Ice Cream Cake and puts a RV stamp on the cover. The vocals are soothing against the soft, playful melody and there’s an interesting switch between the vocals and the percussion in the background.


The MV has sparked a discussion between netizens who believe the group and their fans deserved more than 3 minutes of Red Velvet looking shocked and surprised. The video is bright, fun and animated. It has Red Velvet written all over it.  There’s some quirky animated exclamations throughout.  The MV begins as the school bell rings, the girls all look up towards the door as an animated character enters. All except Joy who’s too busy with her own reflection (a show-stealer in this video). Wendy hilariously throws bread into the air in complete shock.  Think what you will about the context, there isn’t a thought-out narrative or meaningful storyline. It’s a low-key video that helps you really tune into the song, the vocals and less about a flashy, high budgeted SM production.

What did you think of the video? Was it a great cover from Red Velvet? Let us know!


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