A few weeks back, YG rapper ONE made his debut, and now comes the official debut of his old partner in Kpop, Samuel Kim. He held a showcase today in Korea for Sixteen, his fresh and funky debut release.

Samuel was a definite favourite of Mnet’s Produce 101 Series 2, impressing the live crowd with his centre spots several times, yet still didn’t make it into the final 11, finishing 18th. No matter – Samuel has come close to being in a big boy band before, as he was originally part of Seventeen, but withdrew due to personal reasons. He appeared on the Seventeen TV Show pre-debut.

Originally a Pledis trainee, since 2013 he’s been with with Brave Entertainment, and was briefly part of 1Punch, a hip-hop duo with ONE from YG Entertainment.

He’s half-hispanic, half Korean, which means he can charm fans in more than one language, and has already earned himself some fanservice kudos points after hugging a fan at a Hong Kong showcase – albeit after accidentally slapping her in face while they danced together. Whoops!

Check his official twitter, or Instagram for more updates.

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