Shannon has clearly been eager to return to the scene with new music, having released the single ‘Love Don’t Hurt’ in June, and now she’s back with her 2nd Mini Album ‘Hello‘. Since the soloist’s introductory first album in 2015, she returned to the spotlight last November to take part in K-pop Star 6 and went all the way to finish in the Top 4! Just by watching the M/V’s for ‘Love Don’t Hurt‘ and ‘Hello‘, it’s great to see how she has improved, especially in her live performances.

We talked briefly about the soloist’s song in the weekly Release Round Up article, and now we’ll be reviewing her latest song in this review!

Shannon’s promotional title track is ‘Hello‘, also the namesake of her album. The song starts off on a gentle note and her vocals throughout whether the dulcet tones or when she’s hitting the high notes in the chorus really compliment it. She’s definitely moved past from the preppy school girl concept from 2015 and it shows in this comeback how much she’s progressed as an artist.

The general message of the song seems to convey her feelings to her past self, from the lyrics it may be trying to capture the difficult times in her life when she was really struggling. But now she’s much stronger from all those experiences, and it’s made her into who she is today. And it had allowed her the opportunity to make her own decisions to move forward with her life and be happy. And if that’s the case, it’s a relatable matter to anyone. Everyone goes through hardships, regardless if it’s publicized or not, and it’s certainly a defining quality for someone to be able to tackle all that and to come out on the other side, scathed yet stronger.

As discussed above and which is further illustrated in the music video is that Shannon is seen to be with her past self, there’s a scene where there’s two versions of herself sitting at a table with a container with notes. Like she’s trying to send a note to self, to constantly remind herself the advice she wished she had before. To help guide her through the trying situations that life brings. It looks like she’s found a new vigor that she had once lost, after being stuck for an unknown period of time, and now she’s inspired to live her life the way she wants to. Then towards the end, she’s handing over the jar to a stranger, presumably to hand over the strength that helped her to move on and to ‘fly higher’.

What did you think of Shannon’s ‘Hello‘?


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