This 2014 drama is quite an interesting one. Single mother Hang Song-jung (Kim Mi Sook) is adamant that her three daughters will marry decent men. Jung Da-ae (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) is the beautiful and intelligent eldest daughter. But, the middle child Jung Da-jung (Park Se Young) and Jung Da-in (Koo Woo Ri) are equally perfect brides-to-be. When the family move into the house next to a rice cake shop owner, sparks fly; both good ones and bad ones!

The drama features the classic over-acting found in weekend-dramas. Written by seasoned writers, they are often filled with cliche plots and excessive side-plots. Clocking in at forty-four episodes, it does have its fair share of these features, but it still offers something new. Mother Hang Song-jung also finds herself in a romantic situation, and there’s an earnest atmosphere which makes the family lovable and watchable.

The plot is to some extent reliant on conflict, and this really offers a more reliable and natural narrative. In episode thirty-eight, we see Da-ae go to Eun-chan’s school and stand up for him after he has been in a fight. This is great and positive portrayal of strong, independent female characters. Although the mother in insistent her daughters to fulfil their societal roles as wives, it’s clear that she’s raised individuals who can fend for themselves, as this role reversal shows.

The first episode may come across as a little boring, but once you’re in, you’re not coming out. It’s an engaging and fast-paced plot, once you’ve been introduced to the characters. Watch the trailer below:

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