Autumn has truly arrived as the last few months are starting to fall into place, and we’ve had handfuls of comebacks this week to finish off September right.

There’s been new releases from B1A4, DAY6 and Royal Pirates as well as lots of soloists too – not to forget the anticipated return of the veteran duo TVXQ, who have both separately delivered contrasting songs for SM Station and more!


Release: The first half of TVXQ kicks off this week’s music releases, making his awaited return with the powerful dance track ‘Drop’ which is the latest addition to SM Station on September 25. The lyrics is quite interesting from this song, with talks about injustices and the idea of starting anew from the land that is slowly destroying itself.


Release: The 5 member boy group made their comeback on September 25 with ‘Rollin‘, the 7th Mini Album from the boys. They’re back with a feel-good track, with the repeated mantra in the lyrics ‘rolling the deep‘ coming across as a possibly unintended reference to Adele’s hit song.

H.ONE (Hyungwon of Monsta X), Justin Oh (FEAT. Jooheon of MONSTA X)

Release: This performance video from K-Con Japan looks like it did justice for this collaboration single! It delivered club vibes and got the crowd going, as the lightsticks from various fandoms bobbed along to the music in union! The track ‘Bam Bam Bam‘ was released officially on September 25


Release: The soloist returned on September 26 with his 4th Full Album ‘Part.1 Nonfiction’, you can check out the M/V for his title track ‘Nonfiction‘ below! We have our first ballad release, which is a compelling listen which makes you stop and really take in and appreciate the OST-estque styled promotional song.

Royal Pirates

Release: After the announcement made at the start of the month that the group will be taking a hiatus following the news of Sooyoon’s enlisting soon, they released their 4th Mini Album ‘Hasta la Vista‘ on September 26 and attended farewell concerts in Korea and Japan prior to the release date. They dropped two music videos for ‘Where U At‘ and ‘Hasta la Vista‘, the latter being sung all in English. Both videos feature former member James, which we thought was a touching gesture that seemed to pay tribute to his valued role in the group.

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P.O (Block B)

Release: He’s been making appearances on several Korean shows as of late, so it’s no surprise that P.O had released a solo track! The rapper dropped the song ‘Men’z Night‘ which features soloist Chancellor. It’s a funky dance number that’s makes quite the infectious tune to listen to! The Block B maknae gives off suave James Bond vibes through the M/V, which you can watch below!

Paul Kim

Release: Just through a first listen of this song, you’ll be enchanted by this singer’s beautiful vocals. The video makes it look like he’s delivering a live performance in small, intimate setting with the musicians that can be seen in the background. The title track ‘The Road‘, sharing the same name as his full album was released on September 27.

Max (Changmin)

Release: The other half of the SM duo TVXQ showed off a different concept to Yunho’s earlier release this week. Changmin spellbound his listeners with his calming vocals in his song ‘A Different Light‘, you can check out the M/V below!


Release: It’s easy to see how this endearing pair won over the Korean public, especially with one of their current title tracks ‘Some‘, which you can have a listen to below! The duo released their 2nd Mini Album ‘Red Diary Page.1‘ on September 28.


Release: In the latest instalment from this rising band, they dropped their early release single for October ‘When you love someone‘ on September 29. The song holds an endearing message, the emotions of helplessness on not being able to help their significant other. But the sheer notion of love in this song really is touching to listen to.


Release: To complete this week’s RR, we’re finishing with this sweet collaboration between these two soloists that was released on September 29. The music video gives you a snippet into the song, which we recommend that you give the full track a listen!

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