There’s no doubt that DAY6 are one of the hottest groups on the scene, the boys released their
latest MV for ‘When You Love Someone’ early this month to give fans time to become familiarised
with the track before their upcoming concerts. This release is part of their Every DAY6 Project.

The song is a powerful, emotional ballad with some beautiful supporting lyrics. It’s a track about the
strong connection you have with someone and how you will do anything and everything for them
even if they don’t reciprocate those feelings. Each member sings from a different point of view, each
addressing someone they care about and it just adds so much more to the song. Often in K-Pop,
there’s one member who falls short in line distribution but DAY6 focus on the message of the lyrics.
The vocals are exceptional as always; delivering that emotion with some hard to reach highs that are
executed perfectly. Dowoon has no lines but this emphasises his bitter loneliness and isolation.

The MV itself is every fan’s dream. It’s a continuation from ‘I Loved You’ and each member tells their
own story of love and heartbreak. Dowoon is lonely but finds Young K who both become friends, Jae
falls for a girl who he is completely head over heels in love with, Wonpil realises that he will always
be there for Sungjin. The narrative of the MV is really important in conveying the strong message
and DAY6 create such a powerful storyline through their lyrics and their music.


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