It’s been a jam-packed week of anticipated comebacks from some of the biggest names in K-Pop right now along with the return of veteran group Super Junior! This week might just have been the most successful UK iTunes chartings we’ve had in such a short space of time!

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The thirteen member group are back again this year with their 2nd Full Album ‘Teen, Age‘. They’ve certainly showed they’re a group to watch, especially with their most recent title track ‘Clap‘ which is lighthearted, upbeat and serves the purpose of being a gentle reassurance that everyone has bad days and that’s okay to be frustrated when things don’t go the way they should. The album also reached #15 on the UK iTunes chart!

Super Junior

The 2nd generation group hailing from SM broke away from their hiatus to return back onto the K-Pop scene with their 8th mini album ‘PLAY‘ on November 6. Super Junior also climbed up the UK iTunes chart upon its release, which you can read here! The comeback M/V with ‘Black Suit‘ is suave and captures the gentleman concept that they were striving for.


Third time’s the charm with the Starship group as they made their comeback this week on November 7 with their 5th mini album ‘The Code‘! They also featured on the UK iTunes charts, jumping to the Top 40! The M/V for their title track ‘Dramarama‘ was interesting to watch, especially with the special guest which featured the magic time-travelling watch and added to the overall theme of the drama filled plotline, you can check out the video below!


The girl group who shot to fame and rose in popularity in 2014 made their second comeback this year with their 4th mini album ‘Full Moon‘ on November 7. They got into UK iTunes chart at #57, surpassing their previous record earlier this year! You can also check out our review of EXID’s earworm title track here, which talked about how the girls returned to their signature concept that they continue to excel in.

Block B

They’re back with their 6th mini album ‘Montage‘ and whether it was just perfect timing or planned, it was a great way to celebrate their sixth year as a group! This album release got even more special as it was the first time the boy group got into the UK iTunes chart! It looks like the boys have improved on their dance skills for the fun, lighthearted M/V for ‘Shall We Dance‘, the song sounds like it was inspired by Latin undertones which the group adapted to quite well.


The 2nd and last group featuring on this week’s release roundup serves up a treat for their fans with their single album ‘Act.3 Chococo Factory’ on November 8! It looks like some parts of the music video for the promotional track ‘Chococo‘ may have been inspired by the classic children’s book ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory‘, with many cameos from familiar re-branded chocolate favourites! You can check out the sweet M/V below!

Kim Sohee

If you were an avid watcher of the first season of ‘Produce 101’, this may be a familiar face to you! Since she took part in the show as a hopeful contestant, she was a former member of the girl groups C.I.V.A and I.B.I and has now released her debut EP ‘The Fillette’ on November 8! You can check out the M/V for Kim Sohee’s title track ‘SobokSobok‘ which features Fiestar’s Yezi!


Lastly but by no means least, we have our final release for the week which comes in the form of VICTON’s EP ‘From. VICTON’ on November 9! The boys leave on a somber tone with their title track ‘Remember Me‘, as they refer to uncertainty of the future of a relationship. They plead that to their loved one not to remember them, so that they will not be left behind in the remnants of the memories that they shared.


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