As October draws to an end and November begins, we await the releases of upcoming winter sensations as the weather becomes colder. We’ve been anticipating various comebacks from the likes of TWICE, Super Junior, ASTRO and more! We are also welcoming the likes of new talents such as Unpretty Rapstar 3’s Jeon Soyeon, as well as the pair Hyeongseob and Euiwoong who are all notable talents who participated in the popular survival reality TV show, Produce 101!

TWICE – Likey 

Release: Despite the weather drawing towards the winter chills, TWICE’s latest comeback doesn’t help but leave you with a warming sensation. The setting of the MV makes you reminisce the summer seasons, especially with the way they dress. But as of the 30th of October, the ONCEs can be relieved of their anticipation as the group make a comeback with their first studio album, ‘TWICETAGRAM’ along with their title track ‘Likey’! It’s a full and once again a very catchy hit produced by Black Pil Seung a top producer who also produced some of their other top hits such as ‘Ooh-Ahh’, ‘Cheer Up’ and ‘TT’. The eletro-pop hit is a thrilling up-beat track that you can’t help but groove along to. Did you see Dahyun’s dab ending her rap verse? Followed by TWICE’s dance machine, Momo who had a special dance solo to herself?

Super Junior – One More Chance

Release: Fans have long awaited for the comeback of the long-standing group, Super Junior. However their new release ‘One More Chance’ finally relieves their fans, as they present to them a soft ballad which conveys the desires of a man, whom hopes for another chance in love. The song has been released in preparation for their upcoming 12th anniversary, on the 9th of November. On that day, they will be releasing their full 8th album ‘PLAY’ which will feature their title track called ‘Black Suit’. Their track ‘One More Chance’ is their first release after 2 years, and in Korean is also known as ‘Don’t Leave Me Like the Rain’. ‘One More Chance’ was co-written by the Super Junior’s Donghae, with a self-written rap by Super Junior’s Eunhyuk! It is a song which conveys much sentimentality and can be described as pop-rock ballad with many melodic features. The track was released on the 31st of October.

Juniel – I Drink Alone

Release: For her latest release, Juniel’s title track ‘I Drink Alone’ is a ballad which demonstrates a relatable scenario amongst adults of today. The song talks about the hardships of working e.g. working overtime, and drinking alone to fill the void of loneliness as we grow up and mature, contemplating among ourselves what we are doing with our lives. To many, this is a relatable scenario as we grow and begin to deal with the hardships of working to make money as well as living our lives. Her beautiful and softening tone makes it a very calming song to listen to, whilst the MV demonstrates the hardships of adulthood which are relieved by drinking alone. Her character works to provide happiness for others whilst in contrary she makes food alone and drinks alone. Her album ‘Ordinary Things’ features songs which were all composed by her along with the composer, HQM. The album and MV were released on the 31st of October.

ASTRO – Crazy Sexy Cool 

Release: ASTRO are back again with their newest title track ‘Crazy Sexy Cool’! In this comeback, the boys are perceived in a slick and sexy image, particularly through the way they dress and perform their choreography. The MV shows the boys being awoken by a mysterious and magical figure which leads the group to become very intrigued by the figure. ASTRO are best known for adding comical aspects to their MVs, which is particularly demonstrated as you watch the MV (make sure you watch all the way to the end!) The track can be described as a smooth, upbeat dance anthem, which is colourful and aesthetically appealing. Along with their title track ‘Crazy Sexy Cool’ they released album ‘Dream Part.02’ on the 1st of November. Check out the ASTRO boys watching their own MV here – What do you think their reactions to their MV were?

The Rose – Like We Used To

Release: After debuting with their song ‘Sorry’ earlier this year, The Rose return for their second single with the song ‘Like We Used To’. It is a soothing and emotional rock ballad which is very easy to listen to. The group have received a lot support from many fellow artists, as well as the likes of DAY6 and K.A.R.D (If you didn’t know already, The Rose’s Woosung is very good friends with DAY6’s Jae and Young K as well as K.A.R.D’s BM!) The song describes about nostalgia, as it is conveyed in the lyrics that they miss someone. It is perceived that their past memories are better than their current situation, yet they can’t help but feel happy just hearing of that past someone. ‘Like We Use To’ was released on the 1st of November.

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Hyeongseob x Euiwoong – It Will Be Good

Release: Many of you may recognise the pair if you have previously watched the second season of Produce 101. The pair who featured as trainees on the show, have now debuted together with the song ‘It Will Be Good’. The Yuehua pair, have produced a track which is somewhat cute and joyful. Whilst Hyeongseob provides the vocals of the piece, Euiwoong provides the rapping aspects. In the MV, you can see the pair wearing very warm colours, and the overall MV itself has a very warm, and calming vibe to suit the track. Their project album ‘The Moment of Memory’ along with their MV was released on the 2nd of November, in a way of repaying the love and support they’ve received from their fans, particularly in Produce 101. Their album was a way of demonstrating how the pair have developed and improved over time.

Eddy Kim – Bet On Me 

Release: Surprisingly the winter season would usually come with some accompanying winter ballads, however Eddy returns with ‘Bet On Me’ which is has an energetic beat, which may remind you of Bruno Mars. If you didn’t know already, Eddy Kim is known for being friends with the Italian TV personality, Alberto Mondi who also features in his MV. He is best known as a cast member of the popular South-Korean TV show, Non-Summit (or Abnormal Summit). The funky, upbeat track is accompanied by an amusing music video, where Eddy and his friend drive around, picking up a number of individuals in various scenarios, leading them to be involved in further situations e.g. getting pulled over by the cops. The retro, funk track ‘Bet On Me’ was released on the 3rd of November.

Minah (Girl’s Day) – 11° (Degrees)

Release: Minah returns after 18 months since her last solo release with a new title track ’11°’. The track which begins her journey as a singer-songwriter, demonstrates feelings of loneliness and pain. The visual of the MV shows her with a bare face, living a life all by herself. From looking at herself in the mirror to doing all her daily activities by herself, it shows her as a rather isolated character. For her latest track, she worked alongside H1GHR Music producer, Woogie, as they co-composed the song, whilst Minah produced the lyrics alone for the track. The MV can be described as rather dreamy, demonstrating her beautiful vocals, as her lyrics demonstrate her regrets of deciding whether to let go of her previous love. ’11 Degrees’ was released on the 3rd of November, along with her new single album, ‘Other Way’.

Jinbo ft. Chancellor – My Love By My Side

Release: The track ‘My Love By My Side’ exemplifies an emotional ballad which presents Jinbo’s extensive vocal range. The song which was released on the 4th of November, provides Christmassy vibes as Christmas begins to draw near. The collaboration between Jinbo and Chancellor demonstrates a slow-paced vocal piece demonstrating their male vocal abilities. The song conveys the feels of love which are left to be reminisced by the latter. Meanwhile, the MV has been filmed in a way which makes it seem like an old movie, with the flickering film effect, which shows it age. It somewhat provides the effect which makes it seem like a piece to accompany an a classic old-fashioned romance movie.

Jeon Soyeon – Jelly (05/11)

Release: The Cube artist, Jeon Soyeon has finally debuted with the song ‘Jelly’. The singer-rapper is best known for her feature in famous Korean TV shows, such as Unpretty Rapstar 3 where she finished as the third runner-up, as well as the first season of Produce 101 where she placed at number 20 in the finals. The MV is a vibrant and fun one, featuring recognisable talents from Cube such as Pentagon’s Wooseok and E’Dawn, Wanna One’s Guanlin as well as SMTM6’s Woochan! The track which was co-written by herself and Flow Below, can be described as unique bop which highlights her rapping skills (particularly her flow) within the song. Her debut single, ‘Jelly’ was released on the 5th of November.


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