The internationally popular group have made a swift return following their ‘Wild Kard Tour’ during September with their 2nd mini album ‘You & Me‘! It explores a new concept for this co-ed quartet and it also rose to #31 on the UK iTunes chart, which shows how well-received they are over here in Europe!

The title track ‘You In Me‘ gives off the impression of holding a slight different style to their past concepts. It holds a darker underlying meaning with the portrayal of an unhealthy relationship that looks to be damaged beyond repair. Looking at the lyrics, there’s two different contrasting perspectives between the members. You have the ladies who are oh-so desperately trying to cling onto the broken fragments in their futile attempts to salvage their relationships. On the other side, the boys remain unresponsive and stoic, feelings of being trapped and helplessness within the vicious cycle of pain.





There’s an interesting concept here with this M/V and there’s been theories devised by fans to what the plot of this video may entail. It certainly looks like there’s an element of a kind of one-sided love, it dangerously borders on being obsessive to the point where the both Jiwoo and Somin try to maintain control over the situation. Despite this, their attempts give off the impression of being futile with J.Seph and B.M gradually becoming reduced to accepting their fate of being trapped.

In one scene in particular where their complexion rapidly pales as if they are deteriorating into two living corpses, this could symbolise that the relationship is already done for or hints possibly towards their untimely deaths and how the girls are struggling to cope with their losses. Or at least, they may find it too difficult to let go, which can be equally as damaging.


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