TRCNG is a 10 member South Korean new rookie group formed by TS Entertainment and they are the juniors labelmates of B.A.P. TRCNG is a group who coordinates well with one another as they have different qualities which makes unique.

TRCNG stands for ‘Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation’. They debuted on October 10 2017 and the majority of the members are 2000-liners and some are younger. The average age is 15.9 years. Here’s a quick summary of the members in the group, if you’re new to them!

  • Kim Jihun 김지훈– He is the vocalist of the group and loves riding a bike.
  • Choi Hayoung 최하영– One of his specialist is English and he interested in playing soccer.
  • Yang Taeseon 양태선– He is the leader of the group and he’s nickname is Vampire due to him able to keep his eyes open for a long time.
  • Lee Hakmin 이학민– His favourite artist is Chris Brown and he is interested in playing bowling.
  • Jo Wooyeop 조우엽– He is the one of the dancers and has achieved awards in Taekwondo.
  • Kim Jisung 김지성– He is the high rapper of the group and loves writing notes in his spare time.
  • Kim Hyunwoo 김현우– He is the low rapper of the group and his favourite musician is Tyler the Creator.
  • Yoo Siwoo 유시우 He is another low rapper and he is half Russian and half Korean.
  • Lee Hohyeon 이호연 He is the main rapper and loves cooking food for his
  • Kim Kangmin 김강민– He is the Maknae and main dancer of the group.
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In order for them to be introduced to the industry the boys have produced and created an upbeat and powerful track called “Spectrum”

Spectrum is a hip-hop track with a mixture of soothing vocals from all members and trap sounds. The vocals are on point along with their sharp dance movements. The cinematography is very aesthetic appealing to watch, which captures your attention from the start all the way until the end.

To follow their upcoming activities, you can check out their Twitter. We wish them good luck in the future promotions and hopefully they can be successful as their senior group B.A.P!


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