The countdown to Christmas is busy ticking away, as we’re now under a month away from the holiday season fully kicking in! As the year is coming to a close and the award season has started, we’ve had less than a handful of comebacks this week from groups such as KARD and Pentagon and Honeyst and the soloist Yu Seungwoo!


They were a triple feature on the UK iTunes this year, most recently with the co-ed group’s latest album ‘You & Me‘ which was released on November 21! The album peaked at #31 on the UK iTunes chart and you can also check out our review of KARD’s title track ‘You In Me‘, where we look at the song and M/V more thoroughly here.


The newest boy group to debut from Cube Entertainment made their comeback on November 22 with ‘Demo_02’! This album also featured on the UK iTunes chart, they jumped to their highest peak from #163 to #102, making it their very first time breaking into it! You can check out the M/V for ‘Runaway‘ below.


The rookie boy band made their debut this year in May and now they’ve made a speedy return with the single album ‘Someone to Love‘ on November 22. The song offers a sweet, calming effect from the first listen. The concept for the M/V is equally as endearing and it was nice to watch the different attitudes towards dating changing throughout the decades in the video, which you can check out below!

Yu Seungwoo

To finish off this week, we’ll end on this soloist’s latest EP ‘Romance‘ which was released on November 23. The title track is ‘Anymore‘, it gives off the impression song you listen to when you’re feeling reminiscent, when the memories of a past relationship sudden flood your mind and make you feel wistful. Seungwoo’s relaxing vocals is the ideal accompaniment to this song and if you haven’t yet, we’d recommend you giving the M/V below a listen!


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