There’s not many weeks left of 2017, but that doesn’t mean that the K-Pop party has stopped yet! We’ve got some great releases this week from Hyuna, DPR Live, Taemin and also from JYP groups GOT7 and DAY6!


She’s one of the biggest soloists in the industry and she had her comeback on December 4. This is the first release of this week and this single is a gift for her fans. While ‘Babe‘ offered up a toned down diversion from the bold concepts she’s done in the past, this is kind of image is what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing with Hyuna. You can check out our review of ‘Lip & Hiphere!


This year has been quite a busy time for this band, having releases for each month and we’ve gotten used to writing up about their single albums, it’ll be strange to not include them in January. But alas, this is the last month of their monthly project ‘Moonrise‘ on December 6, you can check out the M/V below for ‘I Like You‘.

The Boyz

Next up is the only rookie group to feature on this weekly list, they had their debut on December 6 with ‘The First‘, you can watch the M/V for their chilled, house inspired title track ‘Boy‘ below! While upon first glance, it may be slightly overwhelming the number of members in this boy group (which is 12, if anyone was wondering), they look like they have potential to do well in the future!

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On the flipside, we’ve got another release from the JYP group who celebrated their third anniversary this year. GOT7 has returned with their repackaged album, ‘7 for 7 Present Edition’ , which by the title is holiday themed and fitting for this time of the year! They also released the performance/dance video for ‘Teenager‘ on December 7, which you can see below!


This marks the 2nd comeback for the soloist this year with his EP ‘Her‘ which was dropped on December 7. For those lucky enough to get tickets to his London show in October which quickly became sold-out even with the additional release of tickets, showing how much support he has over here in the UK! We’re loving the chilled vibes from ‘Martini Blues‘, make sure you give it a watch if you haven’t already!


To finish off this week, we’ve got a repackaged album ‘Move-ing‘ from SHINee’s youngest member! The promotional track for his latest comeback ‘Day and Night‘ is an ideal chill track to have on in the background to listen to, especially to keep you motivated for any upcoming exams! It’s great that he’s been given the spotlight as of late to really showcase himself and what he can deliver as a solo artist.


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